Thursday, October 15, 2009

Special Angels

I have always had such a special love for special needs children. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that God would place one in our home, but He did...and we are forever grateful! Collin has brought such joy, love, and understanding to our family! We still have a special love for special children, so we have decided to pray children home. There are children around the world in orphanages who end up bedridden and institutionalized and left without hope. Several months ago we committed to praying for 2 children, Annie and Allen. Well, Annie and Allen (now named Sophie and Ben) are now safely on American soil with their new family as of this week. Our family rejoices with this family as they begin this new journey! It has been wonderful for our children to see their prayers answered. They have taken a great deal of interest in these precious children.

We will continue to pray for Sophie and Ben and their family as they adjust, but we have also decided to pray two more little ones home. Yasmine and Katya are both just a little younger than Collin. Yasmine has mild/moderate cerebral palsy and just looks like "sunshine"! Katya has a head malformation that could be repaired with surgery (possibly the same surgery that we once thought Collin might need). Katya is reported to be very bright and healthy. I will post photos soon! Though we can't go personally and bring these little ones home right now, God can certainly place them in a loving home somewhere in the world. Through prayer, we want to be a part of that.

Money can also be donated specifically in these children's adoption funds. If you go to Reece's Rainbow, click on "other special angels," then go to the will find Yasmine and Katya. You can donate to their fund through paypal.

You can also partner with us in praying for Yasmine and Katya. OR you can choose two children that your family would like to pray for!

Have a great's almost here!

Lots of Love From,
The Hinds Family