Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Good Life!

Well, we are busy at our house! Right now we have 2 down with sickness...Robert and Cameron. Hopefully they are going to get over this quickly. Cameron is really turning the corner today!

Robert has an informational interview with a company on Monday...he really needs to be well! Since finishing his resume last week, he has been working to follow up on many leads. We are optimistic that at least one of them will lead somewhere great! :-)

I am enjoying my return back to work. Got my first paycheck...that was fun! :-) The pace has really picked up, but it is manageable. The true test will be after Robert goes back to work. I'll be flying solo every morning and shuttling the kids to school and daycare very early. The kids are getting up quite early on their own, so hopefully it won't be too big of a change for any of us. I also just started a new Beth Moore Bible study...those keep me so focused! I love Beth Moore!

Katey has chosen to play the saxophone this year. She has considered switching to flute, but for now she is staying with the saxophone. She is also going to be a part of 4-H again this year. She missed it last year, and never stopped talking about it so we decided to join again. Her other activity for the year will be Upward basketball at our church this winter. She really caught on well last year! She is really growing up, and I am enjoying the view as I watch her blossom into such a great young lady.

Cameron is happy about 2nd grade. This child is happy about just about everything! What a joy he is in our home! Cam (he is called Cam at school now...such a big boy) is really looking forward to having his teacher return to school. His teacher and his wife adopted a new baby, and he is the one who is staying home for several weeks. Cam had Mr. Brumet in kindergarten and was so thrilled that he moved up to 2nd grade...and Cam got him again! YEAH! Cameron has recently joined Cub Scouts. He has already enjoyed a few outings and is really thinking it is great. Cameron will also play Upward basketball at church this winter.

Collin seems to be enjoying kindergarten. He is gaining more skills, and moving forward. He seems to have the best immune system in the house...YEAH! We are thankful that he has been so healthy and we pray that it stays that way! We are going to continue to work with Collin on his letters, shapes, writing, etc. He is a bit young for the additional activities so he is going to enjoy tagging along and having snacks at big brother and big sister's basketball games! He really looks forward to the snack bar! :-)

Life is good, even when things are not going as we have planned! God is very good to us, and we look forward to what is to come!

Have a wonderful fall!
Lots of love from the Hinds family!