Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Grabbing Buttons?

Can someone tell me how to grab a button from someone's blog and put it on mine? I know that Kerry knows how to do this...you have lots of them! Thanks for helping me out!

Friday, June 5, 2009

More great news!

I had not updated yet, but our family was praying for not just Annie but also a little boy named Allen. Annie and Allen both have similar challenges regarding their medical conditions. The same family that is adopting Annie has also decided to adopt Allen too! We are so happy that God is giving these children a family and a chance at a wonderful life in America! Our prayers are answered! We will keep praying them home though until they actually arrive safely...it will probably be a little while before things are all finalized!

Katey...nearly in heaven!

A good friend of ours has been willing to have Katey come to her house and ride her horse. She is a talented rider and is teaching Katey all about the care of horses as well as letting her have a lot of time on horseback! This is like a dream come true for Katey! Thank you, Madison!!!!

Fire Department Fun Day

We went to the Overland Park Fire Fighters family fun day for special needs children and their families a few weeks ago. We had a great time! We went last year too. We got to go way up high on the ladder in a bucket...it was a little high for me, but it was really neat! We rode in a fire truck, saw fire demonstrations, etc. It was a great time! Collin really loved the clowns, and they loved him...they gathered for a picture!


This is a little out of order, but these are the Easter outfits. Katey found her dress and just loved it...we've never had a red Easter dress so I was wondering how I was going to coordinate with the boys's outfits. It ended up working out very nicely! I only have a limited amount of time to get to coordinate their outfits before they are too old and decide that is just "not cool" anymore!

Airplane Ride!

Katey won an airplane ride through a Sunday School contest. She got to fly over our house, her school, church, etc. She even got to take the "wheel!" Robert and Cameron went with her...Collin and I watched them take off and land from the ground. It was really a great experience! The pilot was wonderful and explained a little bit about how the airplane is able to fly. It was a little Piper, 4 seat airplane.